Water Extraction

Water Extraction

We offer 24-hour emergency water extractions should you experience flooding in your home, apartment complex, or place of business

Tampa's Water Extraction Company

We are proud to say we have some of the most powerful water extraction equipment our industry has to offer. 

Whenever a flood occurs, there is usually much more water trapped under your carpet than there is on top of it. This is why our technicians perform a 3-part extraction process.

1. We use a traditional carpet wand to remove all the water from the surface.

2. Part of the process uses a tool called the Water Claw. This tool is designed to remove the water from your sub-surface and more importantly your padding. Padding is like a large sponge that holds large amounts of water and must be extracted properly.

3. After we extract everything our technicians will leave commercial grade fan(s) designed to blow a strong air flow between your carpet and padding to help speed the drying process and we also leave large commercial grade dehumidifier(s) to draw all the remaining moisture out of your carpet as well as any moisture trapped in your walls / drywall. Leaving this equipment is a must to dry your home as fast and efficiently as possible. 

Companies not capable of doing this 3-part process are leaving a massive amount of water trapped in your sub-surface and padding. Leaving this to naturally air dry without a proper extraction and the right drying tools is the absolute worst thing you can do. If not dried properly it won’t be long before MOLD starts to appear!

Our trained professionals will do everything in our power to mitigate water damage and return your home to the same state it was in beforehand. Our professionals take every cleaning project seriously, and we’ll never deliver anything less than the superior service you deserve.